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Does a Spinal Tumor Mean I have Cancer?

Spinal tumors can be frightening for the very fact that they are tumors. Tumor is a word that we associate with cancer. When discussing a growth in the spine, we must consider both the potential for cancerous cell development and neurological disturbance related to the very presence of the tumor itself. Not all spinal tumors… Read More »

Spine Conditions and treatments San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Publication Update, Winter 2017

We enjoy partaking in research and education as much as we do interacting directly with our patients. This is reflected in our commitment to peer-reviewed data, both the consumption of it and the development of it. Our involvement in research studies and written papers enables us to sustain the high standard of care we have… Read More »

Spine Conditions San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Core Workouts Support a Healthy Back

Spine health and back pain have been studied long enough for significant headway to have been made in all areas, including care and prevention. As experienced spinal surgeons, it is our mission to help patients regain structural stability after an injury or deterioration of a segment of the spine. At the same time, we find… Read More »

What’s That Pain?

Chronic low back pain is challenging for patients because discomfort and limited range of motion can put an enormous dent in the quality of life. Back pain is one of the primary reasons reported for missing work. This problem is challenging for physicians because, to improve comfort and quality of movement, it is necessary to… Read More »

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